Feldenkrais Trainer Sex Scandal

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Update: Feldenkrais Federation Knows Of Sex and Rape Scandal.

There are growing reports of sexual abuse, rape, and bullying emerging from the Feldenkrais Guild community. The vast majority of reports are against Feldenkrais Trainers. In particular, Feldenkrais Trainers who originally trained with Moshe Feldenkrais at the San Francisco and Amherst trainings. The reports are being hidden from view by various vested interests. It has all the appearances of a cover-up.

This website is an attempt to raise awareness of the this troubling issue. And to make sure that the public knows that there are grave concerns regarding the training community. The concerns are not only about the accused abusers and rapists themselves, but also the culture of complicity and enablement that has made the abuse possible and also hidden them from public view.

Frank Wildman, Feldenkrais Trainer

Feldenkrais Trainer Frank Wildman

On January, 30th, 2018, the FGNA reported that “Frank Wildman “relinquished” his membership and status with the organization. No additional information was given. None.

Sexual harassment allegations have been swirling around Frank Wildman for decades. Why did the FGNA not mention this? Why was no additional information given? When were the first reports of ethics violations against Frank Wildman? If there were violations reported and they were of a sexual nature and not dealt with then the FGNA could be considered complicit in later acts, yes?

Here is a link to the original anonymous email complaint against Frank Wildman that was forward to the creator of FeldenkraisHistoryX:


You did not here about Frank’s “defrocking” because of a secret legal agreement between him and the Feldenkrais Guild. Secret no more. The agreement is below.

Here is the legal agreement between Frank Wildman and the Feldenkrais Guild of North America:


Ned Dwell, Feldenkrais Trainer

Ned Dwelle: Accused

There are multiple reports of Feldenkrais Trainer Ned Dwell being a rapist, including that he raped a married woman during a Functional Integration session in Germany. Ned was a visiting trainer in a Guild Certified Feldenkrais training when the assault happened. There are allegations that Ned (fullname Edward) has been asking women to take off their clothes for Feldenkrais sessions. Ned’s German-language website can be found here.

Dennis Leri, Feldenkrais Trainer

Dennis Leri (deceased): Feldenkrais Trainer, Buddhist and Alleged Harrasser

We were sent a message that Dennis Leri. and Frank Wildman were engaged in a contest to see who could “fuck” the most number of students. And there was a report that at one time Dennis was not allowed to be alone with female students during a particular feldenkrais training.

Dennis reportedly has been against certifying more female Feldenkrais trainers.

According to one of Moshe Feldenkrais’ students from the San Francisco training in the 1970’s:

“In a lengthy conversation with Dennis Leri, some years ago, I raised several questions, about why some highly competent women were rejected as “trainers”, by Frank Wildmann (Dennis Leri, also). They had no justifiable reason except as Dennis said, 

He [Dennis Leri] just did not like [the trainer candidate], who Dennis told me, was just as bad as Anat Baniel, who Dennis disliked intensely.”

If these allegations are true, then there has been a systematic bias against female Feldenkrais trainers.

Sascha Krausneker, Feldenkrais Training Organizer

Sascha Krausneker Feldenkrais Training Organizer

There are multiple accusations against Sascha Krausneker. Multiple, detailed accusations against him, accusing him of sexual coercion, violence and harassment towards a Feldenkrais student and a Feldenkrais practitioner.

There are multiple, credible second-person accounts of the abuse. There was a police report filed against Sascha. And we have multiple credible reports of him having sexual relationships with – and harassing – a student in a training program that he organized. We have reason to believe there are more.

The community needs more information and it needs to be made public. There are patterns of abuse and enablement of abuse that have been going on for decades in the Feldenkrais community. They need to be uncovered and they need to be spoken about. They need to be dealt with.

Perhaps not coincidentally as this blog post was being composed, an email was forwarded from the FGNA about the North American Training Accreditation Board (NATAB) and it’s policy on how they deal with complaints. The NATAB seems to be waking up to the problem of sexual harassment. Though one might get the impression that it is waking up much too late….

Are there other abusers and harassers that the public needs to know about? Do you have documents or email-chains showing that this problem was known about years ago? Send them. They will be published.

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In particular, we need first-person accounts of what is happening or has happened in the Feldenkrais community in regards to sexual harassment, rape and bullying.

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