Nude Feldenkrais Trainer Asks Student For Sex

“I went to Dr. Wildman’s apartment over in south east Eugene near campus. I arrived and walked up the stairs to his door. When he answered he was completely nude. I had gathered that he was a nudist and tried to respect his personal choice as he was in his own home space. I ignored […]

FGNA Ethics Program Is Highly Unethical

The Feldenkrais Guild of North America has an ethics policy. But they do not say who is on their ethics board. If you have an ethics complaint against a Feldenkrais Trainer, you are invited to contact the board via email or snail mail. But they do not tell you who is on the board: Inquiries […]

FGNA Officers and Feldenkrais Trainers Urge Practitioners Not To Speak Out Publicly About Abuse

“The official position is that this is not a public matter.” – Feldenkrais Guild Board Member. “I just wanted to echo what the board [of the Feldenkrais Guild of North America] has been saying. … In the case of the process for addressing these [sexual harrasment] concerns, I see that an incredible amount of care […]

Historical document from a San Francisco graduate.

The post below was originally posted online by one of Moshe Feldenkrais’ longtime confidants and students who graduated from the San Francisco Feldenkrais training. We are posting it without his permission and after the website it was posted on was deleted. Historical document from a San Francisco graduate. This is the “true history“ VII presented […]

Repost: Dennis Leri, Feldenkrais Trainer, Buddhist and Sexual Harasser?

Denis Leri, Feldenkrais Trainer Denis Leri. We were sent multiple messages that he and Frank Wildman were engaged in a contest to see who could “fuck” the most number of students. And there was a report that at one time he was not allowed to be alone with female students during a particular training. Denis […]

Repost: Allegations Against Former Feldenkrais Trainer Frank Wildman

Frank Wildman, Feldenkrais Trainer On January, 30th, 2018,  the FGNA reported that “Frank Wildman “relinquished” his membership and status with the organization. No additional information was given. None. Sexual harassment allegations have been swirling around Frank Wildman for decades. Why did the FGNA not mention this? Why was no additional information given? When were the […]

Disgraced Feldenkrais Trainer Frank Wildman Wants New Training

In August of 2019, former Feldenkrais Trainer Frank Wildman showed up in Costa Rica to give a talk on Feldenkrais. According to several participants Frank said the the Feldenkrais Guild has lost it’s way and that he left voluntarily. Frank wants to organize an independent Feldenkrais training in Costa Rica. But be warned! Frank has […]

Jerry Karzen: Did Moshe Feldenkrais “Make” Him A Feldenkrais Trainer?

Jerry Karzen has been telling people for decades that Moshe Feldenkrais “made” him a trainer. Is that true? Dr. Feldenkrais chose him [Jerry Karzen} to be a Trainer in 1982 along with Mia Segal, Yochanon Rywerant, Ruthy Alon, Chava Shelhav, Miriam Pfeffer, Anat Baniel, and the late Bruria Milo and Gaby Yaron. Screenshot taken on […]