Decertifying FGNA Trainers- Re: Frank Wildman
By: Date: May 22, 2018 Categories: Feldenkrais Sex Scandal

This is the exact text of an email that was forwarded to the creator of this blog. Nothing has been changed. It was copied and pasted from the original email received in December of 2017.

WARNING! – What follows is a detailed and sordid account of sexual harassment and abuse by Dr. Frank Wildman with students in the Eugene 2 Feldenkrais Professional Training Program. The names of the victims have been redacted.

Many more grievances against Dr. Wildman have been filed with the FGNA Ethics Committee by other students, former students and local practitioners.

These violations of the Guild’s Code of Conduct are pervasive and egregious. This abusive behavior and the lack of adequate oversight to prevent it by FGNA have taken a profound toll on the practitioner community.

Why doesn’t FGNA have a system and policies in place to monitor and evaluate the ethical conduct and competency of the Trainers it certifies to run Guild Accredited  Training Programs? If the Guild cannot provide an open and transparent process for monitoring its members for ethics violations – including Trainers and Educational Directors how does the Guild justify their legal exemptions agreement with states’ massage boards?

These events damage the Guild, all of its members, and the reputation of the Feldenkrais Method.

Do you want to be a member of a Guild that enables abusive sexual predators?

Sexual harassment is considered to be a form of sex discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that teachers, professors, and other individuals with authority in school systems (including universities and colleges) can sexually harass students in violation of the law. While the case was decided under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, rather than Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 the implication was the same: a teacher can sexually harass a student.

U.S. law defines the offense as follows:

“Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitutes sexual harassment when submission to or rejection of this conduct explicitly or implicitly affects an individual’s employment, unreasonably interferes with an individual’s work performance or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment.”

There are two different types of sexual harassment claims:

Quid Pro Quo: Sexual harassment that occurs when a supervisor or one in an authority position requests sex, or a sexual relationship, in exchange for not firing or otherwise punishing the employee, or in exchange for favors, such as promotions or raises.

  • Hostile Work Environment: Sexual harassment that occurs through the presence of demeaning or sexual photographs, jokes or threats. The inappropriate behavior or conduct must be so pervasive as to, as the name implies, create an intimidating and offensive work environment.


Statement RE: Eugene 2 Feldenkrais training program 2017

October 02, 2017

My name is_______. I am a student of the 2017 Eugene 2 practitioner training

program directed by Dr. Frank Wildman. I have been attending since the beginning of the program and have been very grateful for the life changing lessons I have received from this method. I feel very proud of being so close to graduation and have been looking forward to my future as a practitioner.

Unfortunately, I am writing this in order to state my experience as I know to be true regarding Dr. Frank Wildman’s violations of the Feldenkrais Guild’s Code of Conduct and Criminal act against me.

From here I will refer to Dr. Frank Wildman as Dr. W for efficiency purposes.

My Brief History:

I would like to give a brief history of my situation in order to display more accurately the issue I am presenting. Without going too far into detail I’d like to express that this method is most defiantly a means for me expanding my horizon as a professional and I intend on making a career for myself as a practitioner. It has also been a pivotal element to my recovery and personal healing.

I am single mother with two school aged daughters. I am 32 yrs. old and I have been supporting myself for the most of 10 years after escaping from an abusive relationship.

The year I signed up for this program (2014) was also the year I moved to Eugene from Newport OR. Also, unfortunately it was the year I lost my oldest sister to breast cancer.

During year one between the training sessions, I was driving to Newport to care for my sister and working on the weekends in Eugene. Unfortunately, when a family loses a pillar like her the entire form of the “organization” cannot be maintained and everything shifts, and that’s exactly what happened with mine. This led to some financial burdens on us, thus leading me to fall behind on a few payments to Dr. Wildman’s office.  I’ll never forget my sisters determined glimmer in her eye as she asked to swear I would not give up on school despite any hardship. So of course I made that promise. I can’t help but to wonder if she somehow foresaw the challenge I face today, but in truth no one that I know, including me would have foreseen this.

Threats, public humiliation and overstepping boundaries:

I’ve always been an active participant in class. I was one of the few students willing to start a discussion and speak my mind and ask questions. I am usually happy and have a lot of joy to spread. I was beside myself to find a school that stimulated my mind in such a way that I’ve never encountered. I was so very happy to have this to focus on and was dedicated to learning despite the challenges I faced daily. I have made life-long friendships within my cohort as well, which is an added gift.

During year two, I noticed Dr. W was treating me a little different than other students. I did not understand why. I asked the other students if they noticed and some said they did. Some of them went out of their way to tell me they didn’t like the way he talked to me/dismissed my questions as if I was not asking something valid. There were a few instances where this happened and students felt the need to assure me that my question was very intelligent and they didn’t understand why he couldn’t answer. I honestly thought he was trying to teach me something. I trusted that I was supposed to get it at some point and maybe it was because he was once a professional dancer as well? After all, I respected this man and was thoroughly enamored with the incredible amount of information I was soaking in. I became very insecure about commenting in class and felt that he was purposely devaluing my questions, more than he normally does to a lot of students. I even decided I would stop asking questions…which was hard for me to do. I was embarrassed.

Dr. W later told me he was upset that I did not approach him at school about my finances. I thought that was odd because I’ve never encountered a professional school where I am expected to speak to the teacher about finances in the class room. I honestly never thought to do that. I told him I would write an email, which I did, to his office. It was sent in September 2016, stating that I was having financial hardships due to family illness and that I would make a payment as soon as possible. A few months later is when he began texting me about taking legal action against me “I’ll have to sue” is what he wrote. I was shocked and very upset. This was between sessions in November 2016. I called him immediately and said I was not trying to be manipulative as he had suggested and that I was depressed/grieving at the time. He was out to dinner that evening and spoke to me as he stood outside his social engagement where he must have been texting me from. I told him that I would pay ASAP and made an immediate payment the next day and later that same month to his office worker, Margarita.

All of this is tedious but it is important to express that Dr. W had been pressuring me about

money. Prior to his threat to sue, I never once got a detailed invoice from the office and was not even sure where I stood on balance. The amount he quoted was far more than I thought I owed but I could have been misinformed. I told a few friends and family members about this threat. I requested a bill with all the information about my account a few times via email to Dr. W’s office and finally got one invoice in March 2017. I have that copy. I did make large payments since that conversation in November and have shown my intent to pay as soon as I could.

June 2017 session started on the 12th. Dr. W insisted we go to lunch and discuss payment. At this lunch date I believe on Wed. the 14th of week one, I expressed all of the issues I was dealing with. I was very open with him and chose to trust him as my instructor and guide through this trying time, being completely honest and vulnerable to him. I expressed to him in this conversation I suffered from PTSD and was finding that the method was helping me heal, slowly. I told him about my very personal past, present and desires for the future. At that time he said he would like to give me a scholarship, as something he might do in other training programs, but he could not afford it due to the lack of students.

Dr. W told me in depth about my class mate Dave’s medical condition, and personal information about all the students who had left thus far. He was not sure if we could keep the program open if we lost another student. He said I could be behind on payments as long as I continued to pay and that if I didn’t have it all paid off by graduation, I could continue to pay my debt and then graduate once I did. He ended the conversation with the suggestion that maybe he could provide a work trade scholarship. I suggested maybe helping organize a fund raiser for the Eugene program. I felt a little better after we talked, having been threatened with a law suit was very stressful for me and I was intimidated by Dr. W at that point.

Coast Trip:

That following week he overheard that I was planning a coast trip with some students in the class. It was to be very hot that week, and people were looking to beat the heat. Long story short, Dr. W invited himself along. I felt I couldn’t say no because of the situation I was in with him financially. I thought I better try to accommodate him. I arranged a place for him to stay in Newport, a house to himself. I also arranged for him to meet a dear old father-type friend of mine, EV, a former friend of Mark Reese. My class mate “MM” (female 29 years old) and I wanted to go to the coast and we decided we would allow Dr. W to come along and make the best of the situation. Dr. W insisted on driving. MM and I were not sure about that, but we let him drive because my car was not the best on long trips, and he seemed to be excited about driving.

 Immediately the drive was uncomfortable. He drove so erratically and aggressively I was freighted a few times. He said all Oregonians were terrible drivers. It was once again intimidating to be in the car with someone so erratic.

This drive is when he brought up to me that he noticed that the way I walk is highly sexually erotic and asked if I knew that. (We had been doing walking analysis in class that week and in class he said I walked like a runway model.) I said I did not know that. He pointed out the way I dress and the jewelry I wear makes it seem like I care what people think of my appearance and I must know I’m attractive. I told him I was actually once raped when I was younger and ever since then tried to dress like a lady to avoid being mistaken for a street person. He went on to talk about Porn websites and how they are so successful. I thought this was odd, but one must take into account Dr. W made this type of talk normalized because he talks about sexually oriented things like that almost every day in class. So, MM and I thought it was just his quirk. We were completely innocent to any thought of him being sexually aroused.

We went directly to the beach in Newport meeting my friends and my daughter who I was to pick up. We brought Dr. W to the house I had arranged for him. He then insisted we stay with him at this house because he hated to be alone. I thought maybe he really did suffer from anxiety as he said he had insomnia. Out of feeling pressured more and actually kind of worried about him, MM and I decided we would stay there instead of driving 20 minutes east to Siletz. That night Dr. W walked around in his underwear which we thought was odd but not terrible. I took my daughter to the bed room and watched TV with her until she fell asleep in order to avoid her having to see him in his underwear. I got up after my daughter fell asleep and found that MM was sitting on the couch and Dr. W was standing in front of her still in his underwear talking emphatically. I sat next to her to help her feel more comfortable and he proceeded to tell us the entire summery of his favorite movie. I had to go to bed after that. MM went into the den to watch TV. Dr. W had his own bed room but he decided to watch TV with MM. Later she told me that he got completely naked and touched himself. I didn’t know this at the time… The idea of him doing that with my child in the same house is disturbing. She told me the next day, and said he told her it was a nervous action he did and it wasn’t sexual, and we believed him.

I drove us home the next day. Dr. W sat up front. I was ultra- focused on driving especially because he had degraded Oregon drivers so many times. At this point it was just myself driving, Dr. W in the front seat and Erin in the back seat. He was touching himself under his shorts, repeatedly, but I didn’t look to see exactly what he was doing, I thought he was dealing with RLS symptoms and I didn’t want to recognize that he was touching his penis, but he was.

We got to Eugene late, we were all extremely hungry and decided to stop and eat. When we pulled up to the cafe I had to move aside a small bottle of KY lube jelly out of the way of the gear shift that was between Dr. W and I to park the car. I thought nothing of it but I do remember seeing it. We ate dinner and had a good conversation about travels and such, and then he dropped us off at my house, he helped us carry our stuff into my house and then MM and I said good night and he left.

Over the next few days we went to class and everything seemed ok. MM and I agreed we will never allow Dr. W to come anywhere else with us, it was just too strange. I apologized to her about not being there for her when he exposed himself, she said she just wanted to put it out of her mind and we decided he must have a nervous issue and must be a nudist.

This for That/Quid Pro Quo:

Dr. Wildman called me a few times that week to just see what I was up to, one Voice mail seemed like he wanted to spend more time with me socially. I never answered. But he left a few voice mails. Then at school he stopped me and said I would have to talk to him about money one more time before he left. I also had loaned him my lap top for some project he was making. He mentioned he had an idea for my scholarship. Later he called me a few more times and I finally answered. He insisted I come to his apartment he was renting to get my lap top and discuss this scholarship further.

I went to his apartment on the last week of the program, Wed. the 28th of June. I remember that I had left MM with her friend and she and I were to meet at my house soon after, and she was to fly out the next day. I really didn’t want to go but again I felt like I had no choice. I went to Dr. W’s apartment over in south east Eugene near campus. I arrived and walked up the stairs to his door. When he answered he was completely nude. I had gathered that he was a nudist and tried to respect his personal choice as he was in his own home space. I ignored him; I came in, saw my computer and grabbed that.

He sat down on the couch and said he wanted to discuss something.

This is when he told me that he could not stop thinking about my body, that I was exceptionally beautiful, more than most women and that he just wanted me so much he didn’t know what to do.

Defensively I told him that I have been told this before and that I wasn’t impressed. And I tried to laugh it off. He said he didn’t understand how I could have financial hardships because of my looks, suggesting I should be a high class call girl or cocktail waitress. He said he liked an outfit I wore a few days before because he could see my “ass”. He said I was “perfectly proportioned” and wanted to see more of me.

He said compared to my friends I stood out among them as the most beautiful because my posture was sensual and erotic. He then said he wanted to give me a scholarship but he wanted me to get naked and let him touch me first.

I knew where the conversation was going there at this point and I was really upset by it.

However, I was not outwardly shocked because I didn’t want upset him. I realized I didn’t know what kind of man I was actually dealing with. Suddenly I had flashes in my mind of the danger I could be in alone with this man. So I played it off and laughed and tried to find an excuse to leave. He went on telling me that he was masturbating in the car when I was driving. Laughing, he said I must have not noticed because I was so intently driving, he was sure I knew he was masturbating because I saw the KY jelly…and that he even thought of telling me when he was having an orgasm in the car. That shocked me; I said “you did what?” He laughed and said he was an expert in making himself orgasm…and that he actually taught a workshop for 12 year old boys on how to masturbate, explaining that boys don’t know how to please themselves properly. He was actually touching himself when he said this. This was very upsetting to me especially because my daughter is 12.

I never agreed to this offer, I just said I had to go. I didn’t show my anger and disgust. As I left I wasn’t sure if I had a scholarship or not. Was he going to actually withhold this opportunity because I didn’t get naked? I was in disbelief. He told me he would erase my debt completely and I would only have to pay the upcoming costs, but right after that he said he would only do it because he wanted sex.

He solicited me for sexual favors for this scholarship. That’s the fact. He knew I couldn’t afford to continue to make large payments, and this was his solution.

I drove home in shock. It all didn’t sink in right away. I was afraid to say anything. Because I knew that he had the power to kick me out, he is a “powerful figure” and it’s my word against his. I was afraid that I would have to go into litigation. Unfortunately, In June 2017 I was literally in the middle of a court proceeding. I had to testify about being attacked, in order to receive protection from my children’s father. Sitting on the stand being questioned about victimization was one of my worst fears. I had a severe anxiety attack from a past unrelated courtroom experience (in Jan 2017) and the idea of going through it again was paralyzing.

I also had the weight of knowing that the training program was already teetering on shutting down. If I drop out the whole program ends prematurely, that is what Dr. W led me to believe. I thought maybe I could just hold out until graduation and then address this.

September 2017:

Coming back to this September session was very distressful to say the least. I am an actress so I tried to put on my best face, avoid eye contact and be congenial. I thought I would just avoid being alone with him and maybe he would be embarrassed enough to leave me alone. I told my friends in class I was trying to avoid him. They tried to help me never be alone with him. At that point they only knew small glimpses of the truth but no one knew I had been violated. I was biting my tongue.

I just found myself appalled at the discussions Dr. W was leading. My perspective of his talks changed after knowing that he is the kind of man that uses his affordances to gain sexual favors, take advantage of a single mother in a hard situation, and masturbate with adolescents, and again in the car with myself and my 29 year old friend. Every day he brought up something sexual in his talks, and I noticed it. His talks were centered on sexual perversion, drugs, and orgies, devaluing spiritual beliefs and making generalities about entire nations of people. I am not the only one who noticed this.

I was feeling more physically sick each day but I was still trying to endure, hoping that I would be a good enough student to keep my place in the program. I was obviously avoiding him and he noticed. So, as I was walking into the room after break he was holding the door open for everyone and he and I made eye contact. He still had is microphone on like he always does and said “Payment!” as I walked in to class…this was amplified into the entire class room. I said I do not want to talk about money in the classroom, and pointed out that his mic was on. He said “Oh that’s ok”. I said “No, its really not”. He said I had to meet with him again, I ignored him.

The next day, Tuesday Sept. 19, I had an FI with Dwight, who was and always has been very kind. I didn’t tell him about Dr. W, but I was obviously upset and cried a lot. I was VERY vulnerable after this FI and felt very, very fragile. There is deep physical pain due to trauma I’ve experienced years ago and Dwight and I have been working on this together each session. Dwight has been very professional in our meetings and never crossed any boundaries with me.

That same day, Dr. W approached again at lunch. I said to him that I was way too fragile to talk money and to call me. He wouldn’t take no for an answer so I left for lunch and told my friends I had to leave and I didn’t come back that day, missing the afternoon lessons.

The next day, Wed. the 20th, I met with “SS”, another practitioner that I subbed ATM

classes for while she was convalescing from surgery and told her everything that had happened and asked for help. I went back to school that afternoon and again Dr. W cornered me when I was alone, at this point my friend “JK” knew I was uncomfortable with Dr. W and he hung back to make sure I was ok.

He stood in the hall way. I told Dr. W I did not want to discuss this with him, but he insisted. I said he told me I had a scholarship. He said he never said that, and scoffed, saying that’s thousands of dollars. I told him I do not feel comfortable in class any more. He said he didn’t understand and he was trying to do me a “favor.” He tried to get me to commit to paying him before he left, I said no and I will contact his office.

The reason I bring up this conversation is that this was the third time he disregarded my request to please not approach me in class about this. JK came in and asked if I needed a ride and I said yes I’m leaving. We walked outside and I broke down crying in front of JK. My mother was parked there waiting for me.

The aftermath:

This whole thing has been so stressful. I was triggered into a severe anxiety attack again, which is really disappointing. I was feeling good about my progress made in therapy and in the Feldenkrais Method itself. My mother witnessed this reaction I had directly after this conversation with Dr. W on Wednesday the 20th. The worst of my experience comes after the anxiety. I suffered 6 days of deep depression. I could not attend Thursday or Friday of school, I had become physically ill from this horrible experience, having been bullied, violated and harassed. My mother was with me this entire two weeks of school and witnessed my decline. I told her what had happened. Thankfully she was there to help me with my kids because I was unable to function. I could not do daily tasks, I could not work, make food, clean, stand, walk or even make eye contact. I was in pain and was severely distressed.

I am saying this because I want to make it clear, Dr. W is aware of my present situations and medical conditions and had no regard for at all, in fact I felt he pushed me psychologically on purpose.

What I don’t understand is why he would do that, after soliciting me for sex. Why would he push me like that? My only logical explanation is he is mentally ill. Maybe he thought he could pressure me to agree to his quid pro quo? I really don’t know. But I am very thankful for SS and my entire cohort for the support. To say the least, I’m unsafe in class as long as Dr. W is there.

I have had to face that if I quit this program, which I will have to do if Dr. Wildman continues to be Educational Director or anywhere near the class, there is a chance the training well be canceled. If I speak out about this, my education is jeopardized, my graduation is uncertain; he could drag my name though the mud or my worst fear…I could be stalked or harmed in retribution.

 I am also uneasy about court hearings, but I will do that if I am asked to, I will face that fear to protect myself and others. But, as anyone can see I had a hard choice to make. When Dr. Wildman told the story about Moshe Feldenkrais exposing himself to a 6- year old child to the entire class in this June session, I knew I had to tell someone what he had done to me. “This man is not safe.” That is what went through my mind and continues to repeat. I cannot in my right mind, allow someone who I think is a predator to go on his way without at least reporting what I know to be true. My body also let me know that I could not ignore the crime that occurred to me. No matter how much I want to graduate and no matter how much I care about these beautiful people in my cohort, safety is priority.

My observations of Inappropriate conduct in class to others:

I know “DM” also had quit. On Wed. June 20th Dr. Wildman defamed DM in

front of the whole class. He said as a Psychologist he knows that DM has a Psychosis. He proceeded to tell very personal information about DM to all of us. A handful of us spoke out against this, saying we think it’s inappropriate. This did not stop him.

As you can imagine I am now afraid of what he is going to say about me? But I cannot let this keep me from standing up for myself and all people he has mistreated. I also watched the FI Dr. W gave to DM on his last day being present, and heard DM say he was hurt by the FI.

I can say Dr. Wildman has been a point of contention for many students in this training

program. These conversations did not include just one or two students; the issue was prevalent to most students. Some expressed they thought about leaving because of him. I have witnessed him devaluing and mocking people over and over again. His irritation showed especially when he spoke to or about another young lady that’s about my age, a woman with a PHD in her 50’s and a person who identifies as “them” a non gender specific title. These three people along with a few other healthcare professionals in class were the butt of many jokes, and singled out repeatedly. He told us all that if we believed in God we were “ignorant”, that the “idea of a creator is ridiculous and false”. We allowed it innocently thinking he must know more than we do.

He has told the story about the Jewish women being mocked by Moshe not once, but three times to our class. “Look! God won’t allow them to open their legs.” is the quote Dr. Wildman seems to enjoy repeating.

He also spanked a lady in the first segment of this training. I thought they were close friends, but found out later she didn’t know him at all, he just spanked her in front of everyone while he was giving her an FI, opening and closing her legs and such.

I’m so sorry to this person that we didn’t say something then in that moment. Obviously what happened to me is above and beyond just mockery and devaluation, its criminal. But for what it’s worth I did also observe these things and more.

My thoughts on what’s next:

I want to be able to get my final year Training education and graduate. I want to be safe in school. I would like the scholarship I was promised and I feel I should be graced the financial support to finish the training however it needs to be done. I do not want to give his office another dime. I would like to see I get my education paid for as a scholarship, including travel costs if I must finish elsewhere. I would like Dr. Wildman to pay me back the money I have given to his office thus far as a settlement outside of court. I would like these things to happen instead of requesting charges against him for violating me, sexual harassment, and attempting to commit prostitution or “quid pro quo” which is criminal. I would like to see him held accountable by the guild, and his position revoked so he can no longer hurt people blanketed by the name of Moshe Feldenkrais.

I want the fact that I have suffered immeasurable distress and emotional hardship because of his actions be recognized. I will continue to keep track of this with my medical doctor and therapist. I was harmed in such a way that I could not work or go to school. This is detrimental to my welfare and my children’s welfare. There is no amount of money that can actually make this less painful, but the detriment is real and tangible.

I would like to be a success story for this method. I imagine writing articles about being an empowered woman practitioner in the health care field. I believe in this method and I want to take it to new heights as a young woman in this field. I’d be happy to share my ideas on a potential funded PTSD unit for veterans in Buffalo NY I’ve been working on, which would be an amazing opportunity for us to show how effective this method can be. In the mean time I hope to practice here in Eugene, teach ATM and build experience and skill sets.

Final Thoughts to the guild:

It hurts me to be degraded to nothing more than a body when this method has helped me become a whole person. It is sadly ironic. I do not want the method to be mixed up with this disgusting behavior. I want to make it clear that I do not wish to blame Moshe Feldenkrais for Dr. Wildman’s behavior. That being said if the guild cannot deal with this problem effectively I will ask why and I will wonder if the guild is responsible for supporting a man who is abusing his education and power for his own grotesque gains.

My questions would be: has this happened before? If so, why was he allowed to do this to me? I am aware of the protocol for instructors written by the guild and that there are clear violations here.

I’d hate to see the training program lost, the people in this program are exceptional human beings and will make this method more well-known in our community. It would be a huge loss to the method to lose any more of these students. They all deserve their promised graduation day, and so do I. I know Dr. Wildman has made progress for the method with his books and programs I do not discredit his contributions, but I bring forth this question; to what detriment is he of value? How far is the guild willing to let him push boundaries out of respect for his stature? Does the guild want a man like Frank Wildman representing an already at times controversial method? Does the guild wish to allow him to paint Moshe Feldenkrais as a man willing to abuse a child or humiliate women?… Yell at people?… Degrade people?… Make fun religions? Has Dr. Wildman done so much for the method that it overrides his behavior? More importantly, how was he allowed to do this to me under the name of the guild?

I trust the guild will assess this carefully.

Thank you for taking the time to read my full statement, I hope it will help make things more clear. Contact me if more information is needed.



Note* MM and JK both have expressed they are willing make statements of what they have witnessed if more information is needed. They have given me permission to use their names and they are open to talking with a representative of the guild upon request. I chose to use their first names only but more info can be provided upon request.

Chronological short hand list of events:

1. Dr. Wildman threatened to sue me in November of 2016

2. Dr. Wildman insisted I speak to him at school about my finances in June 2017

3. Dr. Wildman made sexual comments to me about my looks and walk June 24th

4. Dr. Wildman exposed himself to my friend MM, and was parading in underwear with myself, MM and my daughter in the house June 24th

5. Dr. Wildman masturbated in the car with both MM and myself present June 25th

6. Dr. Wildman tried to spend time with me outside of class as a social encounter June 26th

7. Dr. Wildman exposed himself to me again at his apartment June 28th

8. Dr. Wildman solicited me for sex, quid pro quo June 28th

9. Dr. Wildman made several derogatory statements about my body and suggested to me that I should be a high class prostitute June28th

10. Dr. Wildman harassed me for money three days in a row after asked him to stop

Sept 25th-27th

11. Dr. Wildman has made the program unsafe, uncomfortable and people are afraid to speak up.

 Not only that but he told me he taught little boys how to masturbate? Is that real?

Please have someone look into that.

I know this to be true,

Sincerely, ____________