Feldenkrais, Abuse and Awareness
By: Date: September 18, 2019 Categories: Feldenkrais Sex Scandal,FGNA

Those who think they are doing something “good” or “noble” by hiding the Feldenkrais trainer sexual harassment allegations are mistaken. Looking the other way while students and other members of your community are harassed, assaulted or bullied is an act of deep hypocrisy.

There are Guild Certified Feldenkrais trainers who have been traveling the world for over 30 years preaching about maturity, awareness, and independence. And they have also been abusing students, assistant trainers, and even Feldenkrais training organizers.

Mature people do not rape.
Mature people do not protect rapists.

Wake up.
Grow up.

Get the violent abusers out of your community.

Come to terms with the limitations of your work and your legal and social structures.