Feldenkrais Federation Notified of Sex Harrasment Problem.
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There is now public confirmation that the International Feldenkrais Federation knows about the sex harrasment and rape scandal in the Feldenkrais Guild Community. There is public mention of the matter that can be found online on the “agenda items” (see link below) from a 2018 International Feldenkrais Meeting in Munich Germany. It is a very long document – 58 pages in both English and German. However the first pages of the agenda concern the Feldenkrais #metoo movement and begin:

Us Too – The #metoo Movement & Mature Behavior: A Call for Transparency, Action and Accountability in The Feldenkrais World

“We, the Undersigned, have experienced, witnessed or have been informed of harassment and abusive behavior in Feldenkrais® Training Programs and Advanced Trainings by both teaching and administrative staff members and visiting practitioners (EDs, Trainers, Assistant Trainers, Practitioner Assistants and/or experienced Practitioners), which has negatively impacted students and staff members on many levels.”

“Some events are recent, others date back more than 35 years. Abusive behavior has been tolerated, dismissed, minimized, ignored, negated, covered up, and its seriousness disregarded by the leaders of the Feldenkrais Community for decades. This behavior and complicity is unacceptable. These incidents have had a destructive impact on many: on their physical and mental health, their self-image, their career and finances, their sexuality, their personal and family relationships and their compassion for and sense of pride and trust in The Feldenkrais Method and its leaders.”

You can find the document in its entirety here:


I have also uploaded a copy here Appendix-IFF-Agenda-Items-2018

Those of you who are a part of the Guild system and know of specific abuse allegations might want to take responsibility for sharing what you know and make a detailed public statement. The public and students have a right to know what has happened and if they can trust the Feldenkrais Guild system and trainers within it. You can ignore the problem if you wish, and hope that it will go away. But I think you will find that the information is coming out already whether you want it to or not.

If you are a Feldenkrais practitioner, a student in a Feldenkrais training or a member of the public who wants to know more, you may want to contact an official representative from the Feldenkrais Guild in your country.

Here is a list from the International Feldenkrais Federation of the 21 country- specific Feldenkrais Guilds:

Again: If you have questions please contact an official Feldenkrais organization or one of the people from the Feldenkrais #metoo movement who are listed on the document linked above.

If you have been affected by the abuse or an abuser, it is imperative that you get outside of the Feldenkrais Guild “bubble” and talk to some kind of trained professional such as a psychotherapist or psychologist or other person who can listen to you and help you process the events in am more objective manner.

I am very saddened to hear that there are so many reports of abuse in the Feldenkrais Guild system and that is has been going on for so long. Though it is encouraging that practitioners are finally starting to talk about it (at least amongst themselves) and process what has happened.

I wish those of you in the Guild system luck in dealing with what I am sure is a very painful situation. I have confidence that you can deal with it openly and honestly and humanly and emerge as a stronger and more dynamic organization.