Moshe Feldenkrais: “Meditation is for Idiots”
By: Date: August 26, 2020 Categories: Feldenkrais History,Feldenkrais Quotes

Here is the great Moshe Feldenkrais teaching at the San Francisco training on June 30, 1977. And attacking and criticizing other methods. Feldenkrais is better than everything…including meditation.

Feldenkrais: Meditation is a drug for idiots

“…doing, moving, and acting is better than meditating. If you meditate, it is only if you act wrongly that the meditation does something. If you act wrongly, and then correct it with meditation, or with any other drug, then what happens? You live so poorly that you need the drug or the meditation. If you need the relief, it means that you use yourself wrongly, in the state of relief, in the state of meditation; that is how you should live. And if you live like that, why meditate? Why take drugs? Can you see that it is very simple and very idiotic? It is so idiotic that everybody does it. First you do an idiotic thing and then you meditate. First you disturb your peace of mind, then you disturb your breathing, then you meditate.