FGNA Officers and Feldenkrais Trainers Urge Practitioners Not To Speak Out Publicly About Abuse
By: Date: January 16, 2020 Categories: Feldenkrais History,Feldenkrais Sex Scandal,FGNA

“The official position is that this is not a public matter.” – Feldenkrais Guild Board Member.

“I just wanted to echo what the board [of the Feldenkrais Guild of North America] has been saying. … In the case of the process for addressing these [sexual harrasment] concerns, I see that an incredible amount of care has been taken to follow due process and do the best possible to prevent future harms and increase clarity around the issue. The official position is that this is not a public matter. *I* don’t even know what happened in the proceedings and I will not push to find out. This is completely legal, and certainly conforms to my own ethics.”

[From a 3/22/18 FeldyForum Post. The FeldyForum is a private YahooGroups forum]

The Swiss Feldenkrais Guild Ask Members Not To Talk Publically About Sexual Harrasment

“The Swiss Feldenkrais Guild SFV has informed its members in the last newsletter about the agreement between Frank Wildman and FGNA very neutrally and correctly. The SFV will not participate in discussions or speculations in Social Media or elsewhere and asks also the members to be cautious. The SFV takes these highly sensitive themes very seriously and the do’s and don’ts within the professional field are formulated very detailed in the SFV’s professional code of conduct. Persons concerned of any violations within the Feldenkrais context are asked explicitly not to remain silent but to address themselves to the ethics committee of the SFV. This to grant protection of the integrity of our clients and patients, but also of practitioners and students. I am personally convinced that only this way may help to prevent future violations of any kind.”

– [Rägi Zubler Representative – Posting on the FeldyForm 3/25/2018]

Roger Russell Feldenkrais Trainer Speaks Out Against Publicly Naming Sexual Harassment Allegataions

“This discussion seems to be a series of opinions about opinions and rumors. If anyone has a complaint that is valid this forum will not be the place to have their concerns and issues addressed.

Let us stop. Let the appropriate committees deal with it in the FGNA, the IFF and other Guilds. Further publications of letters, anonymous leaks, etc. will only confuse the facts, inject opinions and possibly compromise the legal standing of various processes working towards resolution.

There are honest people working on these issues with integrity and concern. Let them work, support them, don’t make across the board accusations that cannot be substantiated. Don’t attach your own issues to someone else’s pain. This does not seem to be the appropriate channel for sharing feelings in a way that the issue can be addressed properly.”

Greetings, Roger Russell
Feldenkrais-Zentrum Heidelberg

[Roger Russel, Posting on the FeldyForm 5/09/2018]

Note: Many of the accusations are against Roger Russell’s longtime friends and colleagues from the San Francisco Training, including Deni Leri, Frank Wildman, Ned Dwell and others.