Historical document from a San Francisco graduate.
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The post below was originally posted online by one of Moshe Feldenkrais’ longtime confidants and students who graduated from the San Francisco Feldenkrais training. We are posting it without his permission and after the website it was posted on was deleted.

Historical document from a San Francisco graduate.

This is the “true history“ VII presented on May 4’08 the birthday of Moshé Feldenkrais

My “Affidavit”

I, [name redacted], make this “Affidavit”, knowing full well this is a legal
document where-by I cannot make a false statement knowingly. This is the same as
swearing, to tell the truth in a court of law. So on that note I write this “Affidavit”, under the penalty of perjury. Meaning that if I lie, knowing that I’m making a false statement, I can be prosecuted in a court of law.

To make my “Affidavit”, as clear, as I’m able to do, I’ll provide these factor for

Information contained within this “true history”, in “Affidavit“ form, will be focused on
that which can be verified legally via court documents, public records and written

On another level, my “Affidavit” will include information, of which I’m convinced is
true, yet without strong legal verification. The latter being defined as, but not limited to, the following subset of possible events not covered by various legal forms of verification.

-A.) The collapse of the (old) Feldenkrais Foundation (1990).

-B.) The exact role, of the man, who was the “executive offer” (after Karzen)

Roger Miller and what he knows about the defunct Feldenkrais Foundation and why it was forced, “out of business”.

-C.) The number of times, the Feldenkrais Foundation, was investigated, by the American tax authority (IRS), and for what reason did a penalty (fine) of $500.000,00 (one half million dollars) be extracted by the American tax (IRS)
authority in 1988?

-D.) The surprising creation of the “training accreditation board” (TAB, now N.A.
TAB) at the time the Feldenkrais Foundation, was “sinking”, because of “missuse”
of tax exempt money… criminal fraud, tax fraud, conflict of interest an
several other, civil and criminal violations, by Karzen (and Nierenberg, NYC
attorney, on Park Ave.).

The Feldenkrais Foundation’s business office was located in the law office of Gerald Nierenberg, Karzen’s mentor: in “seizing power”, usurpation of all rights, to control professional teaching, and that Karzen personally named the “trainer’s” (and Ass.t trainers) not Moshé Feldenkrais.

-E.) The over-whelmingly obvious fact, the “TAB”, was created as a bridge from
the collapsing “…Foundation” (for those who destroyed the “…Foundation”)to the
“F.G.N.A.” to maintain the same level of control, that Karzen had establish, with
advisement from the attorney, Gerald Nierenberg (NYC). So Karzen illegal
actions, were then the “standards” (better said, lack of standards…), by which
those who created “TAB” , decided to emulate . Read the March 1992
“newsletter”, where Dennis Leri, tries to justify – rationalize the clear and
uncontestable fact, that “TAB” was an illegal “conflict of interest”-to control all
money and appointment of “trainers”.

-F.) In a lengthy conversation with Dennis Leri, some years ago, I raised several
questions, about why some highly competent women were rejected as “trainers”,
by Frank Wildmann (Dennis Leri, also). They had no justifiable reason except as
Dennis said, he just did not like Eileen B-Y-R, who Dennis told me, was just as
bad as Anat Baniel, who Dennis clearly disliked intensely. It is extremely clear,
that the “N.A.TAB” (formerly TAB) is not able to do other than select friends of
some “trainers”-to then advance as “ass’t trainer”, to the point of being
(automatically if you have the right friends) appointed “trainers”. This form of
“nepotism”, is as old as human activities, to disenfranchise certain segments of
the social community (bigotry, un-fair competition) – and on a large scale the
“revolution“ of France and America, in the 18.th century, were reactions to the
type of behavior, demonstrated by Dennis Leri, Frank Wildmann & Jerry Karzen.
So it is absolutely an embarrassment, that our “micro world” , has reverted to
forms-opposed by the first “Guilds” in Rome, and in modern times the emergence
of organized labor unions, to oppose the absolute power of high government or
business interests. Now Dennis is “elitely” comfortable with “nepotistic

So, I’ll return to the primary purpose of this “Affidavit”, to focus on the years during the end point of the “S.F.” Training (1977) till the time of the death of Tom Hanna Ph.D.

I was deeply involved in my knowing Moshé Feldenkrais, and my role, as chief assistant,
in terms of public relations, organizing various functions for “old Mosh”, including
workshops, seminars, testimonial dinners, radio and TV (both local and national) and the
original Feldenkrais organization (incorporated), in the world –“Movement Education
And Research Foundation” (MERF). This organization was created, on the request of
Moshé Feldenkrais (Dec.76) and sponsored many of the public awareness activities by
Moshé Feldenkrais. The last of which, was the eleven (11) part, TV series, video taped in
Sept.’81, by Steve Langer M.D. in Miami, Florida, one month before Moshé was
hospitalized in Zurich, Switzerland. (Franz Wurm’s home)

I reserved a room for Moshé at the Fairmount Hotel (S.F.) where a major seminar was
held, in the “grand ball room” and the testimonial dinner, in the “Pavilion

Moshé held a meeting, in his room, at which time the “charter”, board of directors, for the (then called) American Feldenkrais Guild (NAFG) was selected. Those present, included
Paul Rubin, WM Dub Leigh, Anna Johnson (Chase), David Bersin (?), Jerry Karzen and
me. Dub Leigh asked Moshé to accept Michael Joyce as a board member. I recommended
Hilda Kessler and the full board was selected, that day.

Soon after, this “B.O.D.” (Board of directors) was busy writing the “articles of
incorporation” and the By-Laws.

Moshé had no interest in the incorporation process, and not very much interest, in the
“Guild“ activities in the years following (I have a letter from Moshé, stating his
unwillingness, to give time to an organizations, members accepted, no matter how
ineffective –with Moshé working hard and travelling, he did not want to waste time with
the “confusion”, common to the “guild”, with several factions, wanting to control and
influence the “guilds” activities).

Dr. Michael Joyce became president of the “American guild”, when Marty Weiner,
Ph.D., resigned in Sept. or Oct. 1977.

In late year (’77) or early 1978, Dr. Joyce, walked the legal paper work to the secretary of states office (state of California), in Sacramento, the Capital.
The “guilds” legal paper work was accepted, as a non-profit, tax exempt organization, at
that time. (state level)

I had done the same with my legal paper work (M.E.R.F.), in the summer 1977. So I was
familiar with the steps required by state and (USA) federal gov’t, in terms of the
incorporation process.

When I delivered my legal paper work, to the same office, in Sacramento (sec. of state),
this state office sent on several copies of my legal paper work, to the (USA) federal
government, tax authority (IRS).

The (USA) governmental agency (IRS) returned to me, a form that only the president
could sign, and I then returned this “signed” form to the tax authority (IRS) in Baltimore. The tax authority (IRS), upon the receipt of my signed form then issued a “tax” I.D. number, and the complete incorporation process was finished.

Keep in mind, what I have just written-

After two years as president of the “guild”, Dr. Joyce, did not seek re-election as the
president. (1979)

This election for president, had only one candidate, Jerry Karzen, who was elected
president (guild) unopposed.

The final step, in the process to incorporate the American guild, at the (USA) federal
level – had not been completed.

With Dr. Joyce, no longer the president, Jerry Karzen was charged with the responsibility,
of completing this last (quite easy) step. So we , on the board directors (of which I had
been appointed in1979) waited to hear what Jerry Karzen reported, as president of the
“guild”, respecting this final step with the (USA) gov’t, the tax authority (IRS).
Karzen told us, (and I was highly intense in my focus, since I was familiar with the
requirements) that he had completed the requirements and received the tax I.D. number
from the (USA) federal gov’t (IRS).

In the period that followed, just as “suddenly“ as Karzen, had run for office (president),
he resigned from the office of president – (and I believe also the “guild”, boards of
directors, if my memory doesn’t fail me)

Karzen main focus, was on the Amherst ‘PTP’ (’80-’83), sponsored by the Feldenkrais
Foundation, which surprised me, that Moshé did not use the “guild”, to organize the
Amherst training.

In the spring (May’81, at the Jack Tar hotel, in S.F.) and summer (July ’81), at Amherst, I met with Moshé, respecting several business questions, he had asked me to develop.

1. Research project, state of California

2. The national TV show, host, Steve Langer, M.D., who I had introduced to Moshé

3. The symposium, from the education committee, chaired by Michael Joyce.

4. By-laws study, urged by Paul Rubin, early year, 1981

The meeting at the Jack Tarr Hotel (May ’81) provided a few surprises. You see, Karzen
was the ‘liaison’ from the “guild”, to Moshé, since he had replaced Koleman, as Moshé
assistant. (Karzen did everything possible to discredit Koleman – to Moshé, and that was
a shame. Koleman was a far more honest and friendly than Karzen.)

I discovered (in spite of Karzens efforts to block my meeting with Moshé) that Karzen
had not told Moshé, anything about the symposium, planned by M. Joyce. When Moshé
heard about the symposium, schedule following his (last)teaching, our ‘S.F.’ group in
Aug.’81 – he accepted on the spot, and yelled at Karzen, who was jealous, of anyone
helping Moshé, especially M.Joyce, Dub Leigh and me..(among others).

The TV series became a reality during Moshé visit to S.F. in Aug.’81.

We had a business dinner, with Steve Langer, M.D., Karzen, Moshé and Me – on
Aug.25, 1981 (S.F.). Moshé and S.Langer were friends and spent a lot of time (in Miami)
together in Sept. ’81.

Karzen spoke out against Langer for no reason known, other than jealousy.

Even recently (last two years) Karzen wrote in a letter to me – extremely harsh words vs.
S.Langer, M.D., who he never spent any time with! So, I suppose – twenty-six (26) years
after the fact, Karzen still dislikes S.Langer, M.D., for doing the best “public relations”,
for Moshé ,in his entire life. The eleven (11) part, TV series, was released six (6) or
seven(7) times in the 1980’s. By far, the single largest number of people, discovered
Moshé Feldenkrais, and his teaching, via my close friend, Steve Langer (Berkeley, CA.).

Karzen was sucessiful in his effort to sabotage (block) the development of a research
project, via the largest gov’t agency, in the ‘USA’, at a state level, the dept. of industrial relations, state of California.

I spent from 1976 till 1981 (five (5) years) putting this research project together and had a “green light”,(for me to go ahead-) from Moshé, who told me to discuss this research
project, with Yochanan Rywerant, who Moshé wanted as the “program manager”. I did
so the following day , at Amherst July ’81.

Yet, when Moshé got sick (Oct.’81), my long developing research project, was then
dependant on Karzens’ support since Moshé wanted the – Feldenkrais Foundation, to be
associated with this research project.

That was the end – of five(5) years work, which Moshé approved of, because while
Karzen never said no, he knew that my friends at the industrial relations agency, state of
California were appointed politically, by governor, Jerry Brown. Karzen also knew, I had
to have a “signed contract” and other agreements, with the state of California-and the
organization, Moshé wanted, his own Feldenkrais Foundation.

Karzen just let the clock, run out, in that the Nov.’82 election, replaced governor Brown
with another political party, and everyone I knew would leave their jobs, with this
agency, the dept. of industrial relations, state of California.

So Karzen blocked a research project, that would have helped fundamentally the
Feldenkrais method.

In Feb.’82, I followed the advice from Moshé Feldenkrais, from the summer before
(’81), I left the ‘S.F.’ bay area, which I had lived for nearly twenty (20) years, when I
moved from Sacramento to Berkeley in the early 1960’s.
I thought, I would return to the ‘S.F.’ bay area, in a few years (now more than twenty-six

(26) years ago..)

So off I drove to Esalen institute, to see Ilana Rubinfeld an on to Linda Tellington Jones, horse school – also in California .(Feb.’82)

Then across county, with a young woman from Canada (Feldenkrais – Amherst) to the
Airport in Chicago, to meet Liz Dickinson, Ph.D. , who was returning from an ‘NLP’
conference, with John Grinder. Liz and J.Grinder had a serious disagreement – because
she wanted to stay with Feldenkrais and not become famous, in the ‘NLP’-John Grinder
world. She told him no! He did not expect that.

So, off we went to East, Lansing, Michigan, where Liz Dickinson,Ph.D., was a full
professor (as her father had been) at Michigan state university.

I traveled on, and turned south – aiming for Miami, Florida, yet while in Atlanta,
Georgia, decided to remain and did so for several years.

In the summer ’83, Yochanan was in Atlanta, I had organized work for him. He invited
me to visit him (and Yedana, his wife),which I did later that year in 1983 (Tel Aviv).
I was invited (by some in Stockholm and Berlin) to teach in North Europe, which opened
the door for me to travel on to Tel Aviv, which I did during the holiday period (1983’
84)to visit Moshé for the last time. That was no fun, to see ‘old Mosh’, fall over
backwards, then sit up saying :”I lost the vertical”. He would forget many things, he was
dying and he died (July ’84).

In the fall ’84 I spent a few weeks in Paris, mostly with Sabina (Pfeffer) and Uzi her
husband. I discovered that her mother Mariam Pfeffer, did not like “F.I.”, which she
would soon be teaching.

So during my ’83-’84 travel teaching I enjoyed the North counties, and Berlin-Paris.
So in the summer ’85, I returned to Stockholm and Berlin and was then invited to
Tübingen, (south of Stuttgart – 30 minutes) and also Bielefeld. I returned to Atlanta, Ga., briefly and came back to Stockholm, Berlin, etc. in the fall of ’85.I stayed in Stockholm that winter, without the sun (once is enough).

So I simply traveled throughout Europe including Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland,
Switzerland, Poland and the old ‘USSR’ (Russia) and Israel.

In the summer ’87, the American guild newsletter, targeted me, with a statement vs. my
Teaching “F.I.” in Germany. The German Feldenkrais Gilde – ran advertisements against my seminars in North Germany in the summer ’88.

Tom Driscoll had came from L.A., Ca. – to work for me in Oct. 1987. He spoke about
rumors -in all trainings, in North America. The Issue: What had happened to Moshé
Feldenkrais’s money? It was missing and not accounted for Malka, even referred to
“missing money” at a conference, in Holland, Nov. 1987.

By 1988 – it was clear, the organized Feldenkrais world, had declared “war” on me!

I sent letters to the “FGNA” and the German Feldenkrais Gilde and respective presidents,
Jeff Haller, Ph.D., and Harry Contompasis, in Germany.

I sent out, a second round of letters, asking for a discussion, a public forum on several
basic questions, including what happened to Moshé – missing money? Some estimates as
high as $ 3.000.000,00 (three million Dollar).

Only Jeff Haller answered with a ‘non sense’ response, that the ‘FGNA’ had never
received it’s tax exempt status – and paid tax – as a business corporation.

This was a “shock” (1988), since years earlier, Karzen had reported to the “FGNA” board
of directors, that the tax exempt status had been realized.

Several unanswered questions crossed my mind.

1. Why had Karzen lied years earlier, about the guild – getting it’s tax I.D. number,
as a non-profit organization?

2. I remembered Karzen bragging – at Amherst (’81) about helping Moshé, do his
banking. Also, in a meeting, me and Moshé, Karzen broke in with several bank
books, in his hands.

3. That Ruthy Alon had laughed, and told several people, about Moshé and her
driving all over NYC, especially Brooklyn, where Moshé pointed out banks, he
had put money in. (25)

4. Then simple facts – with Karzen helping Moshé, with his banking – he was a leg
man, returning with a deposit slip-or with-drawing money with Moshe co-signing
with Karzen, to get money out.

5. With Moshé, unexpected illness (Oct.’81), with two years remaining to teach, at
Amherst, he would not close these accounts.

6. Upon Moshé death (July ’84) a death certificate – to these banks, the money
would revert to the co-signer, Karzen. Yet this money belonged to the Feldenkrais

The Feldenkrais Foundation, was a tragedy, in terms of what was written by Moshé in the
book, the “elusive obvious”-about his ‘ATM’ lessons being available to everyone
including the public. This position was also reflected in the “Articles of incorporation”
(F.Foundation), that research and developing public awareness for his “ATM’s”.
Notice, that none of the above intentions (Moshé’s stated purpose) were ever developed,
and when a ‘research project’, with Moshé’s approval, had been developing – (via the
state of California),it was Karzen, a member of the ‘Foundation’ board of directors, had
sabotages (blocked) this project for research. Even with the book and “articles “
(Foundation) referring directly to public awareness programs – and the availability of his
“ATM’s” – the Feldenkrais organizations – (read the “TAB”) did not comply with the
wish of Moshé Feldenkrais.

What Karzen (and Nierneberg) did to the “Foundations”, goes beyond the “tragedy” so
described above. More-over, the extreme illegal (criminal and civil) behavior of
Karzen’s usurpation (seizing power, criminal fraud), to control the professional teaching ,
exclusively, as long as he could by wrong actions. Plus the absurd level, of bizarre
actions, naming himself as trainer? Karzen’s hands are about as sensitive as pigs feet. His
movement ability – is similar to some reptiles. Yet, Karzen also named many others
“trainer” (and a few ass’t. trainers), of which only Mia Segal and Yochanan, would have been named before all others. Karzen would have been among, the first fifty (50) named
“trainer”, at best.

He would not have became a “trainer”, till the last few years. Certainly not in the original

This section above – and what follows, is supported by the court rulings, including the
supreme court of Germany.

In nine (9) years in the courts of Germany, not one piece of paper, in support of Karzen’s
actions in the mid –1980’s, via the defunct, Feldenkrais Foundation.
No support legally, none whatsoever, that Moshé ever intended what occurred, while he
was on his “death bed”.

Can you understand what I’m writing?

1. Karzen had no legal right (by implication) to have exclusive control – of the
professional teaching. He lied!

2. The ‘Feldenkrais-Foundation’ was never the parent organization and had rights,
no greater than anyone wit a Diploma signed by Moshé Feldenkrais.

3. Karzen had no right, to name anyone “trainer”, including himself.
Numbers 1,2 and 3 above was usurped via criminal fraud. (seizing power and pretending

– such was their right -)

Those trainings, in Europe and North America, set – up by Karzen were the “Video
trainings”. A joke on the professional students, Karzen and his “dream team“ of coconspirator
“trainer’s” (excluding Mia and Yochanan-) who knew full well, what was
underfoot, because individuals like Chava, Mariam, Dennis and other were extremely
clear as to what Moshé wanted and planned for via his organizations.
So the Karzen gang, did in fact go against the purpose that Moshé expected them to

Add this Foundation tragedy to the over-large trainings, one in Australia of 120
professional students, in a nutshell, it was “greed, greed and more greed” the original
training programs personified.

What I’ve written is just the “tip of the ice berg”, respecting Karzen transgressions, and
who was the big loser, you, members of the (now many) guilds.

Since I’m well prepared to back up my words written here in my “Affidavit”, don’t you
believe, that Karzen needs to address these many basic issues and unanswered questions
with his own “affidavit”?

In the next “true history” VIII, IX, X and XI, I’ll address additional questions, where did
all the money go – and the “N.A. TAB” the “FGNA” during the Nancy Schumacher,
Bonnie Humiston, Michael Purcell and their associates, also the “FGNA” and the “IFF”.

So my next “true history” collection will also be in the form of an “Affidavit”.

[name redacted]