Is Feldenkrais A Cult?

When I first started using Feldenkrais, I did nothing more than read sessions out of a book and then lie down and do them. I was amazed at the differences that I felt in my body. I felt taller and stronger, more in contact with my physical body. Within weeks I left the life that I was living. I got rid of most of my belongings and traveled cross-country (the United States) to a state where there were many Feldenkrais practitioners.

I did my best to earn money to do sessions with Feldenkrais practitioners and to eventually take a Guild-Certified Feldenkrais training. The training was about 800 hours spread out over four years. And it was expensive. It was about $3400 per year. In the early 1990s this was a great deal of money.

The training felt good. That is one a physical level I felt good. I had more power in my movement. I was more socially engaged.

But something about the training environment did not feel write. Many of Moshe’s students from his 1970’s training in San Francisco were at the training that I took. They called themselves “Feldenkrais Trainers.” They were quite arrogant. And often dismissive of questions asked by the students in the training room.

They would often tell students to “be mature” or tell them that they were “projecting” if someone gave them feedback about the training. They would cut students off in mid-sentence. One of the trainers, Dennis Leri, was particularly harsh, using dimuminitive words “stupid” and

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