Jeremy Krauss Method of Covering Up Sexual Harassment
By: Date: February 19, 2022 Categories: Feldenkrais Sex Scandal

Below is the text of letter regarding the abuse allegations against Sascha Krausneker. Jeremy first sent the letter to his colleagues and then in 2018 posted it to a Facebook group called, “Feldenkrais Practitioners Around The World. And then it was taken down and he has refused to speak about it!

Jeremy’s Facebook post on Feldenkrais Practitioners Around The World.

After the encouragement of a number of people I am posting a new letter unrelated to the issue with Frank Wildman but about another incident. It was written and sent out 3 years ago to the Tabs and educational community. I wrote it after incidences that shook me to my core and changed my life. I am not trying to be heroic or a moral flame. I am just trying in my role to bring these issues forward and not be afraid to speak up. I am trying to give hope that now after the FGNA actions that there is something to be done. What I am writing about below was in my opinion and others stonewalled. 3 years later and after the FGNA actions I hope it will be different – can be re- opened and appropriate action can be taken.

‘Breaking the Silence’ by Jeremy Krauss

Dear Members of the ETC, Eurotab, Natab, Austab, Feldenkrais Educational Directors, Trainers and Assistant Trainers,

Very recently I have had experiences in my role as ED that have brought me to the decision that I must break my silence in the Feldenkrais world in the domain of abuse and over stepping over ethical boundaries in the Feldenkrais Trainings and Feldenkrais Community as a whole.

It is for me an ethical obligation as an ED in the International Feldenkrais community to bring this issue into an open discussion at this time.

My intention first and foremost is so we can act responsibly as a community so that others; women or men will not come into such harm in the future.

We are now coming much more into the public light and eye and this is very exciting. Yet, at the same time this gives an urgency to address this issue as soon as possible. I am aware that this may be a very uncomfortable and sensitive issue.

In one of my recent trainings I was informed first hand of possible tremendous abuse of one of the female students by a staff member (Sascha Krausneker) who has been both on the educational team and administration. I have also been aware for a number of years now of another women who is an Experienced Practitioner who has reportedly experienced abuse of various kinds from the same person who is now in a high position in our educational hierarchy. At that time I was asked by the Experienced Practitioner to keep what I was told confidential. Now these 2 women have come forward and communicated their experiences, shame, hopelessness, fear and isolation. This silence was broken by them by communicating to me together with other Assistant Trainers and a Trainer about their incidences. They were willing to come forward and said they will not be silent any longer. They said they have suffered and still do, they were fearful and still are and have experienced tremendous shame and isolation. Their hope is that other women or men will not suffer something similar and possibly even more severe by this individual or other individuals. Their actions are brave.

There has been a complaint filed to the local police by this female student of the training and a restraining order put against this individual (Sascha Krausneker) regarding the student. I and the rest of my educational staff were officially informed of this both by the organisation I was the ED for and by the student. This complaint which is now with the police may go further into a legal proceeding. All this was taking place while I was conducting a segment, managing and fulfilling all my obligations and duties as ED. I was never alone with any aspect of this issue but always with my entire Educational team. We as a team did not initiate to discover information but were swept with issues that shocked us when we were reported to.

The police complaint against this individual has taken this issue a serious step beyond our community border. In many cases of this nature the usual response is trying to discredit the accuser and use fear tactics to try and quiet these issues. Other communities in the world at this time are tackling such issues. We are no different and should not think we are immune . These issues need to be spoken about openly. There should be no cover ups and hiding or any tolerance for these kinds of Ethical violations in trainings. Students and practitioners should know they have clear rights and be given information of who to address when these rights are violated. We need to put in place not only new regulations but a set of clear consequences for violations. When there are no specific consequences for these behaviors they will continue.

I have heard and known about incidences in this domain even very early on as a beginning practitioner. I was too young and naive at the time to understand the devastating implications on the individuals nor actually was I clear enough about what the issues really were. At a certain time in our community and training development ethical guidelines and regulations were put in place so that staff members are not allowed to enter into romantic/sexual relationships with students. Even with this regulation in place as a Trainer and ED I have known of other cases in our community. One involved overstepping sexual borders of a female student.

It may be that there are other such cases of women or men who have been abused or taken advantage of in trainings throughout the years. Yet, because of fear of the person, fear of isolation, ridicule, helplessness and profound shame they have not come forward. It may also be that others around them knew but for fear of getting involved and having no place in the community to responsibly communicate these issues remained silent.

There are certain Guilds that have detailed Ethics regulations and procedures and others that have none at all. This is a professional issue with possible profound ramifications and needs to be addressed and acted on by the entire community uniformly and not by isolated Guilds or individuals. It is my hope we can discuss this topic and take action quickly as an international community to put in place clear regulations and consequences for these kinds of behaviours.


Jeremy Krauss Educational Director and Trainer Feldenkrais Method