Jerry Karzen: Did Moshe Feldenkrais “Make” Him A Feldenkrais Trainer?
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Jerry Karzen has been telling people for decades that Moshe Feldenkrais “made” him a trainer. Is that true?

Dr. Feldenkrais chose him [Jerry Karzen} to be a Trainer in 1982 along with Mia Segal, Yochanon Rywerant, Ruthy Alon, Chava Shelhav, Miriam Pfeffer, Anat Baniel, and the late Bruria Milo and Gaby Yaron.

Screenshot taken on August 15th, 2017 from a now deleted website called Feldenkrais Hawaiss.

Moshe never used the word trainer. And Jerry Karzen never called himself a trainer until after Moshe Feldenkrais’s death.

The first person to publicly use the phrase, “Feldenkrais Trainer” was Jerry Karzen (!) and you can see on the document below, that it was Jerry Karzen who proclaimed that several of his colleagues were “trainers” and Karzen himself notes in the document below:

“I asked Mark Reese, Russell Delman, and David Bersin to serve temporarily as trainers in Foundation sponsored training programs…”


You might ask what qualifications that Karzen had to ask others to “temporarily” serve as trainers. Jerry had never conducted a training program neither had any of the people he chose. What were the qualifications??