Moshe Feldenkrais: “it is you who is a nasty idiot”
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Toxic Feldenkrais Quotes: Moshe and his use of the word, “idiot” and “idiotic.”

“…it is you who is a nasty idiot.” – June, 22nd 1977, SF Training

Could you imagine being in training program with Moshe Feldenkrais and having him scream at you and kick you and repeatedly call you and your fellow students “idiots” and “idiotic”?

That is the way Moshe Feldenkrais taught and perhaps goes a long way to understanding why so many of his students became abusive and also engage in name-calling and personal attacks against their students and colleagues.

Lift it until you feel pain. As you know that is idiotic. – June 30, 1977.

Your head and leg begin approaching one another when the internal voice of the idiot truly stops pushing you to do more than you can. – Alexander Yanai #32: Lengthening and straightening the left leg

So, can you see why I say that learning fifteen hours a day is idiotic? There isn’t anyone here, myself included, who has the capacity to absorb as much knowledge and get it so that it affects your future. If it does not, then you haven’t learned it.

Feldenkrais: Meditation is for Idiots

Therefore, doing, moving, and acting is better than meditating. If you meditate, it is only if you act wrongly that the meditation does something. If you act wrongly, and then correct it with meditation, or with any other drug, then what happens? You live so poorly that you need the drug or the meditation. If you need the relief, it means that you use yourself wrongly, in the state of relief, in the state of meditation; that is how you should live. And if you live like that, why meditate? Why take drugs? Can you see that it is very simple and very idiotic? It is so idiotic that everybody does it. First you do an idiotic thing and then you meditate. First you disturb your peace of mind, then you disturb your breathing, then you meditate.

… that is the idiotic thing to attempt to do…

Now, between those two idiotic extremes can you find a way for you, with your structure and with your build, a place where the shoulders are supported?

Observe the difference. Then, you will observe how you caused the pain in the neck. The neck is an idiot. You caused the pain, not the neck.

August 16, 1977

According to the great genius, Moshe Feldenkrais psychology is for idiots: “So much psychology! That means he can be angry with the chair. I say he should be angry’ with this idiot [psychologist].”

Please deform yourself and stand in any idiotic way you like. Remember those things about yourself which you did not like. Can you see that Bruce deforms himself’? You should be really behaving idiotically.

Talking to a student about his posture: “He wasn’t designed to stand like an idiot, planted like a tree.

If you examine all our parents, you will sec that some of them were cripples, some were idiots, some were mentally deranged, some were old and decrepit, some were scarcely able to move. Yet, they were able to mate and produce each one of us.