No Feminists in The Feldenkrais Guild?
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Take a look at the various posts in this website to get a sense of how widespread sexual harassment, rape and bullying may be in the Feldenkrais Guild training community. Then take a moment to realize that the abuse allegations go back to events at the Amherst training in 1981 and span nearly a 38 year period. Take another moment to realize that the vast majority of Feldenkrais practitioners are women. In a published article by Particia Buchanan, PhD on the characteristics and practice patterns of Guild Certified Feldenkrais Teachers® 80% of the respondents were women. And yet the vast majority of Feldenkrais Trainers are men.

And now ask yourself, “where are the Feldenkrais feminists?”

How could allegations of sexual harassment go un-investigated for 38-years in a women-majority organization?

What is going on?

Are there no Feldenkrais feminists?

Well, there are a few who claim to be feminists. Kate Conroy, wrote an article called The Elusively Obvious: Choice; gender, [dis]ambiguity, social influence, and self-determination Download the pdf here. And in the article she writes “I’ve been a feminist since the 1970s, gay-identified since 1980s, and lesbian-identified since the 1990s. Now, in the 20-teens, I adopted the term “queer” to identify with my community as a whole. Even still, I took specialized training to catch up with the development of community sensibilities and vernacular around gender, gender presentation, and gender identity.based in New York City.”

Good for her. My question is, does she know about the allegations of systemic bullying and abuse of women in the Feldenkrais Guild trainer community. And if so, why has she not spoken out? Is that not something a feminist should do?

Add info about Richard S. Goldsand, B.A. Faculty Associate School of Social Transformation Arizona State University. Also, doesn’t Ilona Fried have some type of Women’s Studies or Gender Studies degrees?

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  1. Sexual abuses are based on power not gender/colour/etc. Women can abuse power too.

    I found these comments from Facebook group FPAW in a 2016 post:
    “If I saw a major shift in the power from the males (and I really like men, but–) to really, concretely include the females…”,
    “Certainly I had been treated unjustly in a few ways. Certainly, after qualifying three times for my final application to be a trainer, the rules were changed a fourth time and the ladder hauled up behind the last ones who qualified. There were the abuses of trainees that nobody discusses because we don’t want to be sued. Mostly I saw a very US corporate vision that is a microcosm of the macro culture with its racism, sexism… always about the money, the power, not about protecting the trainees or even promoting their careers in the many ways that other groups do. As an advertising professional, I would have done it for free–being a naive person. I remember taking an excellent photographer to the San Rafael Training and offering to create promotional pics for free (she did mine for years) and the response was that a few thought I was doing this to garner sexual favors?!? The person who said this was a gay male–who I thought well of otherwise–which was super puzzling! And they were charging me higher and higher dues for doing less and less. That do it for ya?”

    In this practice, experience practitioners can easily become the powerful one when facing inexperienced practitioners. As long as there’s unregulated/unmonitored power, there’s a chance for sexual abuse. That’s why sexual scandal is so common in this practice.

    I know a world famous female practitioner( whether she’s under the feldi hat or not does not matter too much ) using her knowledge skills in exchange for sex a lot, who’s also rich enough to shut everyone’s mouth up on internet either by money by contract or by the threat of potential lawsuit. She’s still harassing me, that’s why I started paying attention here. Surely I’ll be anonymous, because what I want ultimately is she will leave me alone, I don’t want money/training from her. Though many would/have sold their dignity for money and fame, that’s definitely not what I want.

    1. Thank you for leaving your comment. I understand your desire to be anonymous. And I think you are 100% correct. The abuse dynamic is not about gender and race but about the power dynamic. Also, Moshe Feldenkrais made many unsubstantiated claims about the work being able to help people become independent, mature, and aware, giving people the impression that they are dealing with trainers who are mature and aware. But that is not correct. Trainers are usually those who are good at politics and who are insecure and need the external validation that the Feldenkrais Guild and other Feldenkrais-based organizations provide.

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