Feldenkrais Sex Scandal

Feldenkrais Federation Notified of Sex Harrasment Problem.

. There is now public confirmation that the International Feldenkrais Federation knows about the sex harrasment and rape scandal in the Feldenkrais Guild Community. There is public mention of the matter that can be found online on the "agenda items" (see link below) from a 2018 International Feldenkrais Meeting in Munich Germany. It is a very long document - 58 pages in both English and German. However the first pages of the agenda concern the Feldenkrais #metoo movement and begin: Us Too - The #metoo Movement & Mature Behavior: A Call for Transparency, Action and Accountability in The Feldenkrais World "We, the Undersigned, have experienced, witnessed or have been informed of harassment and abusive behavior in Feldenkrais® Training Programs and Advanced Trainings by both...

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