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Nude Feldenkrais Trainer Asks Student For Sex

"I went to Dr. Wildman's apartment over in south east Eugene near campus. I arrived and walked up the stairs to his door. When he answered he was completely nude. I had gathered that he was a nudist and tried to respect his personal choice as he was in his own home space. I ignored him; I came in, saw my computer and grabbed that. He sat down on the couch and said he wanted to discuss something. This is when he told me that he could not stop thinking about my body, that I was exceptionally beautiful, more than most women and that he just wanted me so much he didn’t know what to do. Defensively I told him that I have been told this before and that I wasn’t impressed. And I tried to laugh it off. He said he didn’t understand how I could have financial hardships because of my looks, ...

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Repost: Allegations Against Former Feldenkrais Trainer Frank Wildman

Frank Wildman, Feldenkrais Trainer On January, 30th, 2018,  the FGNA reported that "Frank Wildman “relinquished” his membership and status with the organization. No additional information was given. None. Sexual harassment allegations have been swirling around Frank Wildman for decades. Why did the FGNA not mention this? Why was no additional information given? When were the first reports of ethics violations against Frank Wildman? If there were violations reported and they were of a sexual nature and not dealt with then the FGNA could be considered complicit in later acts, yes? Here is a link to the original anonymous email complaint against Frank Wildman that was forward to the creator of FeldenkraisHistoryX:  https://feldenkraishistoryx.com/2019/01/22/decertifying-fgna-trainers-re-f

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