The Incoherence of Jeff Haller
By: Date: May 5, 2020 Categories: Feldenkrais History,Feldenkrais Sex Scandal

Jeff Haller, has a YouTube video called, “Moving Towards Emotional Dignity.” I like Jeff as a Feldenkrais teacher and have experienced one of his advanced workshops. It was brilliant.

However, listening to the video below, gave me the creeps. Jeff simply repeats – adnauseam – buzzwords from the popular culture.

Feldenkrais helps you move towards emotional dignity?? How is that? Take a look at the abuse and harassment allegations listed on the current site. Many of the alleged harassers and rapists are Jeff’s colleagues and friends. I wonder why he has not denounced them publically? Why does he continue to work with them? Why has he not spoken out? Does he have too much emotional dignity?

And if the Feldenkrais Method is a powerful as Jeff suggests, how is it that Feldenkrais trainers continue to harras? Feldenkrais is clearly not the cure for being a sexual harasser and rapist….