Feldenkrais Via Negativa: What Feldenkrais is NOT
By: Date: February 29, 2020 Categories: Feldenkrais History

Rather than talking about what Feldenkrais IS, let’s talk about what it is NOT.

If the allegations of rape, harassment, and bullying by Feldenkrais trainers in the Feldenkrais Guild are true, we can say that Feldenkrais is:

– not a cure for being a rapist.
– not a cure for being a bully.
– not a cure for sexual harassment.

Apparently, you can be a Feldenkrais practitioner and still be a monkey.

Given that there have been mentions of the sexual harassment allegation on both the FeldyForum and Feldenkrais Practitioners Around the World (a Facebook group) and not a single person (other than me) have spoken out publicly about the matter, we can also say that being a Feldenkrais Practitioner is:

– not about protecting the public (otherwise someone would speak and warn potential Feldenkrais students and the public).

– not about maturity nor independence (in direct contrast to what Feldenkrais said about his work.

Would an independent person lie about abuse in his own organization? Would a mature person not file a complaint, talk to a lawyer (or the police) and demand something be done?

Feldenkrais sessions might make you move better and with a bit more awareness. But they cannot make you more mature or aware. Life is not that simple, nor that linear.