What’s “good” for the guild is bad for Feldenkrais students and practitioners
By: Date: February 19, 2020 Categories: Feldenkrais History,Feldenkrais Sex Scandal

Something that has been written by several Feldenkrais practitioners from the Amherst training when talking about the alleged abuse is that, “I knew about Frank (or Ned or Dennis etc) twenty years ago, but I did not say anything because I wanted to protect the method.”

The method (or more accurately, “The Guild system”) was protected in the short term. But in the longer term the abuses continued and they continued while being hidden from the public, students and other practitioners. In essence, a system was created in which abusers could continue to abuse, knowing that no one would speak out. So while the integrity of the Feldenkrais Guild system was maintained, so was the ability of people (mainly Feldenkrais trainers) to harass, bully and rape.